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Mission of Quanshun
"Start the Career Wholeheartedly, Moistening the World"
Build the enterprise with sincere heart, cultivate employees, serve the public, and give back to society
Spirit of Quanshun
"Be able to fight and Dare to Win"
Manage great cause undertaking with "Be able to", and establish the foundation with "Fight".
Seek the development with "Dare", and seek the future with "Win".
Slogan of Quanshun
"Dedicated to you"
Dedication is like spring water, crystal clear, pure and flawless.
Dedication is the heart of Quanshun, the heart of spring culture, heart of thanksgiving of Quanshun Group, and the honest heart.
"Responsibility, Innovation, Professionalism and Cooperation"
Responsibility: Be responsible enterprise. We fulfill the promise to the customers and the public, and continuously improve our product and service.
Innovation: Meet changes by adapting to changes. In front of the change and reform, we keep pace with the times, be aggressive, and meet the challenge optimistically and actively.
Professionalism: Keep improving. There is no best, only better in the professional field, and we will never stop exploring.
Cooperation: Common goal and interest. In the face of difficulty, we stay and work together; and in the face of achievements, we share together.
Development idea
"Development, Integration, Specialty and Positive"
Development: it is the foot stone of the enterprise. We insist on controlling the overall situation with the scientific development concept, and walk the sustainable and high-performance development road.
Integration: help the enterprise to use the resources more fully, walk the intensive road, and improve the development speed and development quality.
Specialty: one should be professional in his field. The guarantee that we advance steadily in the industrial competition is the excellent and preeminent professional quality.
Positive: it is the spiritual outlook of the enterprise, and also our work and life attitude, aim high to create the better future.
Thanksgiving culture
"Understanding, Respect, Expression and Feedback"
Understanding, respect, expression and feedback are the core of thanksgiving culture of Quanshun, and also the concept of Quanshun people.
Respect by understanding, contribute our effort to the society and enterprise on the basis of respect, and do our best to the social development.