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The ancients said: Elaboration and production are professional ethics; and its extended meaning refers to elaborately develop the product by one enterprise and take the same as the basic professional ethics. By requiring with the "morality" goal, their products are bound to be subtle unique and incomparable. This is especially appropriate for our company .
Looking back the past, our company has gone through the trials and hardships for more than thirty years. From the original startup to current high spirit, and from the brand agent to becoming a large-scale integrated flow control equipment manufacturer combining the research and development, manufacturing, sales and installation service today, this is a way of struggle and triumphalism, also a way of exploring unceasingly and going ahead bravely, and even a way of working with perseverance and collaborating sincerely.
Henan Quanshun Flow Control Science & Technology Co., Ltd has the professional design and manufacturing experience of valve for more than 30 years since it involves in the valve industry in 1984. Over time, it is always committed to the scientific and technical innovation, and continuously researches and develops the special valves under special working condition, so as to conform to the new requirement to the flow control in the new situation. We introduce the advanced CAD valve research & development center specializing in the design and development of the valve, the company owns machining center, numerical control machine, large-scale vertical lathe, large-scale boring machine, grinding machine, multi-function value performance testing devices and other excellent machining and process guaranting and detecting equipment.
We have grown up in the international market by having the objective of going beyond ourselves and having a bright future, having determination of accumulating thousand miles by each single step and resisting the backbone force, and having the team spirit of passion and sincere collaboration, and unanimously recognized and praised by all sectors of society. In the face of the new challenge and change of market structure, we can create the enterprise's core competence only with continuous reform and sustainable innovation; and we integrate the internal and external resources of the enterprise with the advanced information methods, walk the development road of nuclear power, marine and other high-tech fields, try our best to explore the international market, and build the world famous brand of the erosion-resistant, scabbing-resistant and energy-saving flow control equipment.
Adhering to the enterprise spirit of "Treat people with integrity, do best, teamwork with collaboration and serve customer attentively", and by virtue of the assiduous professional dedication spirit, Quanshun cherishes every opportunity endowed by the customers, is willing to taste the bitter fruit, and dare to act as woodcutter. Today's Quanshun is not only a brand, and even a concept, a culture and a quality and belief of striving to develop and constantly climbing.
Quanshun builds the great cause with its advantages, and just meets the wind and waves. Henan Quanshun Flow Control Science & Technology Co., Ltd insists on the principle of user first in reliance on the powerful strength of Quanshun Group, builds the first-class professional valve brand with advanced technology, sophisticated equipment, scientific management and considerate service, and return the great kindness and support of all sectors of society to Quanshun Flow Control with the duty of creat customer value by virtue of the high quality product and excellent service.