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Chemical Industry
Rotary valves of underground pipe network were installed at Hengyi PMB Petrochemical Project in Brunei .
QUANSHUN Brand Rotary valves of underground pipe network were installed at Hengyi PMB Petrochemical Project in Brunei .
QUANSHUN electric high performance butterfly valves were installed at LODEGAN UREA FERTILIZER project
QUANSHUN  high performance butterfly valves were installed at LODEGAN UREA FERTILIZER project
Tank Bottom Angle Valves With Washing Pipe were installed at SHANXI YANCHANG PETROLEUM (Group ) CO.,LTD .
Tank Bottom Angle Valves With Washing Pipe were installed at SHANXI YANCHANG PETROLEUM (Group ) CO.,LTD .
Control type electric spherical disc butterfly valve was installed at CNOOC Huizhou Refinery phase 2 project
Control type electric spherical disc butterfly valve was installed at CNOOC Huizhou Refinery phase 2 project
Electric spherical disc butterfly valves were installed at PO/MTBE Project in NanJing JingLing Hunstman New Materia Company Limi
Electric spherical disc butterfly valves were installed at PO/MTBE Project in NanJing JingLing Hunstman New Materia Company Limited
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