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What would you prefer to do ,repair valve or replace valve ?

What would you prefer to do ,repair valve or replace valve ?
The valve is non-serviceable after installation some time .For owner /endusers ,what would you prefer to do ,repair valve or replce the valve ? Sometimes ,it is difficult to make a decision . 
Different people have different views . The economics of valve repair and replace ,is the main topics they concerned . 
1.Repair valve 
Repair valve need teardown and inspection unless a defect or problem is obvious such as casting leak . Inspections involeves complete disassembly of the valve and examination of all the component parts .sometimes ,a pretest has to be made before valve disassembly process .After inspection , old parts need to repair or new parts need to purchase will be make a decison .For repair old parts ,welding and machining have to be prcess at valve workshop .For the purchase of new parts ,including OEM parts or original parts , It is vitalto measure correct dimensions . All these jobs need to be done by qualified technicians . 
For in line repair ,most of welding ,machining equipment have to be portable to be brought to the jobsite ,including some special scaffolding as well as cranes and lifts .So the cost will be higher.
So if your valve is large and expensive ,it is better to repair it ;otherwise ,maybe a new valve replace will be better choice for owners/enduser .
2 .Replace valve 
As the obove saying in the article ,for some small and cheap valves ,it is wise decision to buying a new valves .
Many kind of valve can be bought from China ,including some special valves  ,and the cost is less than in European countries . Such as tank bottom valve,segment ball valve ,y type slurry valves .The valve performance is good and cost is also not so high.
For some critical valves with large size ,pressure and weight  ,it is better to repair by professional company with original parts .