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Power Industry
Pneumatic ceramic double gate valves have been delivery to Pakistan power plant
Pneumatic ceramic double gate valves have been delivery to Pakistan power plant
Pnuematic ceramic rotary gate valve have been deliveried to Thailand some power plant project
Pneumatic ceramic rotary gate valve have been deliveried to Thailand some power plant project
Electric Large Size Spherical Disc Butterfly Valves were installed at Datang Power plant
Electric large size Spherical Disc Butterfly Valve installed at Datang Power plant circulating water system pump inlet and outlet  ,realiable bi-directional sealing ,stop any leakage .
DN1400 Electric segment ball valve was installed at China Datang Corporation for heating renovation project
DN1400 Electric segment ball valve was installed at China Datang Corporation for heating renovation project
DN3000 Electric Spherical Disc Butterfly Valve was installed at 2x 660MW power station project
DN3000 Electric  Spherical  Disc Butterfly Valve was installed at 2x 660MW power station project
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