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Quanshun’s annual meeting was hold successfully

QUANSHUN annual meeting was warmly held on 12th 2019 at meeting room .Almost one hundred  managers attended  this meeting .

The beautiful moderator appeared on the stage at the 9 am . The meeting was started after company anthem.

Legal person & president Hong Mouqu gave a opening remarks . He talked about marketing situation ,company position ,product competitive force ,brief summarized the work of the year 2018 ,and gave a wishes of the year 2019 . Wish all the quanshun people have a bright future in the year 2019 .

General manager Meng Jianwei summarized the overall work of the year 2018, from marketing ,sales ,manufacture department to management department . He gave a highly comment of their work performance ,at the same time ,pointed out the shortage during their work .The operation target was provided by him ,further fine management policy was still need to carry out.

Then sales manager ,production manager ,technical manager ,Human resource manager respectively give a speech about “summarize the year 2018,planning the year 2019”. They reported their department work in the year 2018 ,and list some of successful performance and shortage ,then give their department work target in the year 2019 .

A liability latter was signed betwen QUANSHUN group president Wu Shuilin  and general manager Meng Jianwei.

For those employee who work excellent ,president thanks them and gave a public commendation at the meeting . Certificates ,flowers and bonus were their best gifts . Representative of these good employees talked about their happy feeling  at the meeting . Thanks for the recognize and support from company .


Lastly ,president Wu Shuilin gave a closing remarks . He encouraged all the quanshun employees work more hard, concentrate on customers ,strengthen competitiveness ,and present a special gift for Chinese 70 year birthday in the year 2019.





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