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Congratulations on Quanshun Engineering Sector Annual Meeting Closing

Date:Jan 19,2017

On January 14th, 2017, the 12 years old birthday of Henan Quanshun Flow Control S&T Co.,Ltd,on this special day, the 2017 Annual Meeting was hold. Nearly about one hundred of the senior and middle level managements and the main basic staff from Henan Quanshun Flow Control and Henan Quanshun Engineering Co.,Ltd attended the meeting.

At 9:00 A.m, the meeting began with the Comany Song 《Hui Pin Gan Ying》, Mr. Hong Mouqu, the Vice Chairman gave opening speech and wish on the Conference a complete success

Sales and Marketing Manager Mr. Li Hui summarized the focus work of 2016, and indicated the management objective and work plan for 2017. The Finance director Mrs, Ye JingChao gave detailed report on the finance work. General Manager Assistant Mr.Yang Yan Tao and other project representatives reported for the 2016 work and indicated the 2017 objective and work plan.
In the afternoon,the Quanshun Group Chairman Mr,Wu Shui Lin signed the 2017 Sales and Management Agreement wih General Manager of Henan Quanshun Flow Control and Henan Quanshun Engineering Co.,Ltd for 2017 which is the new target of Quanshun people.
The Executive Vice General Manager Mr.Meng Jianwei of Henan Quanshun Flow Control analyzed the 2016 company condition by detailed data, and fully recognized the market strategy of 2016. And evaluated the work of each department on Sales, Finance. R&D, Production and Q&C, HR, and carried out plan  for 2017.
The Dupty Marketing Manager Mr. Fan Yongzhen and Mr, Zhang Heng summarized the 2016 sales date and pointed product promotion and product innovation plan as the 2017 working focus.
General Manager Assistant Mr. Zhang JiLin from Henan Quanshun summarized and reported the production condition on the most important index of contract delivery time and quality in process control for 2016. 2017 focus is to improve the working efficiency and process to meet the needs of increasing customers. 
Representative of sbu-branch company and sales managers also gave speech on the meeting. And the 2016 outstanding staff and middle and senior managers were praised and awarded with certification and flowers.
The Vice Chairman Mr. Li Zhiqiang and Chairman Mr, Wu Shuilin gave speech at the end of the meeting.
The 2016 has already passed by, and 2017 work has began. Under the leader of Mr. Wu Shuilin and strive of all Quanshun Staff, we believe tomorrow of Quanshun will be better !

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