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Congratulations on the successful delivery of DN3000 Bidirectional Metal Sealing Rotating Ball Valve-Special gift for QUANSHUN Group’s 15th anniversary

Date:Jun 12,2017


The June 3rd 2017 was a special day, QUANSHUN people gathered to the company in the early morning and anticipated to witness the Bidirectional Metal Sealing Rotating Ball Valve with DN3000, as a special gift for Quanshun Group’s 15th anniversary.

This DN3000 Bidirectional Metal Sealing Rotating Ball Valve was provided for the China Water Resources electric power materials Group Co., Ltd-Datang Zhundong Wucaiwan Beiyi Power Plant(2x 660MW) Project, which congealed the Quanshun Team’s wisdom and sweat!




The celebration was kicked-off accompanied with the Company Song, at this moment, every Quanshun people was beaming with pride and spirit of striving, all Quanshun people felt proud and happy unfeignedly.



The General Manager Mr.Meng Jianwei witnessed every achievement of HENAN QUANSHUN FLOW CONTROL, from the company establishment dated on March 18th, 2005, the first set of valve with independent intellectual property rights was successfully manufactured on May 29th, 2005, became the National Standard (GB/T26146-2010) Draft Unit of Eccentric Half Ball Valve...... to the delivery of the Bidirectional Metal Sealing Rotating Ball Valve with DN3000 which is the largest size in China. In order to meet the needs of every customer, QUANSHUN Sales & Marketing, R&D and Manufacturer team paid sweat and wisdom, created one and another achievement, gained the approve  from a large number of customers. Every QUANSHUN people will work hard for a higher forward goal under the encourage of General Manager Mr Meng.



           Wu Shuilin, the vice director of QUANSHUN Group and director of Henan Quanshun Flow Control Science & Technology Co., Ltd , paid great attention to the large size bidirectional sealing rotating valve, and came to the QUANSHUN factory to witness the grand moment. He looked back to the history of 34 years of QUANSHUN Company with all the QUANSHUN people. No matter development team, sales team, production team or support team, all of them paid great effort to the success of company. Step by step, we grow up and became stronger and stronger. Director Wu encouraged all QUANSHUN people to work harder in order to get more satisfactions from the end user.



Finally, Mr Meng announced that the DN3000 bidirectional sealing rotating ball valve began to be delivered. When the truck loading the sweat of QUANSHUN people ran to the distant place, and the customer are satisfied with our valves, which is the happiest time for QUANSHUN Team. Realizing the requirement of the customer, is QUANSHUN people’s forever pursuit! Quanshun Company will be better and better!

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