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Center Line Butterfly Valve
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Center Line Butterfly Valve

This center line butterfly valve is consisted of valve body,valve disc and soft sealed valve seat.Capable of cutting off the medium, the center line butterfly valve is generally used for the medium
This center line  butterfly valve is consisted of valve body,valve disc and soft sealed valve seat.Capable of cutting off the medium, the center-line butterfly valve is generally used for the medium like water,oil,gas and other corrosive product with the temperature less than 80℃.
1.The valve body of the wafer butterfly valve is symmetric by the center line. So the installation of the soft sealing butterfly valve is easy and convenient.
2.Manufactured with PTFE,NBR or other materials, the valve seat will not fall off. Besides convenient replacement,the manual wafer rubber lined butterfly valve has good leak-proof and strength resistance performance.
3.With integrated structure,the valve stem of the rubber lined butterfly valve has higher strength.The elaborate processing can prevent the medium from leaking effectively.
4.The precise valve disc is polished .Well matched with the valve seat,the valve disc has outstanding sealing performance.
Technical specifications
Size:2”~60” DN50~2000
Pressure:Class 150  PN1.6~PN2.5 
Body material: QT450、WCB(A105),  LCB, CF8(304), CF8M(316), CF3(304L), CF3M(316L),etc.
Sealing material :Rubber,PTFE,etc.
Connection method :Flange,wafer,welding
Driving method:Hand wheel,Electric actuator, Pneumatic actuator
Design standard:ASME B16.34, BS1873.ASME B16.10, ASME B16.5
Water plant,power plant,chemical plant
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