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Ceramic Lined Ball Valve
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Ceramic Lined Ball Valve

The ceramic ball valves are designed with engineering ceramics,which are abrasion resistant and corrosion They are widely used in power plant,chemical industry.
Ceramic lined ball valve is one of the most erosion resistant control valves avaliable today .It is used in abrasive applications such as lime mud,metal slurries ,titannium dioxide and cement production where even stellited surface do not last .
1.The hardness of the ceramic material can be higher than HRC80.It is almost the hardest material in the world .It is suitable for a wide range of severe service industrial applications . 
2. Completely ceramic flow path without metal parts provides maxium erosion resistance .
3.Through grinding machining, our ceramic ball valve has high precision and outstanding sealing performance.
4.Flange type ceramic lined ball valve is suit for any abrasive and corrosive medium .
5.Customized V type ceramic control valve is also available .
Technical Specifications
Size:1”~8”  DN20~DN200
Pressure:Class 150 ~Class 300  PN1.0~PN6.4
Body Material:WCB(A105), CF8(304), CF8M(316), CF3(304L), CF3M(316L) etc.
Trim Material:Toughened engineering ceramics
Connection:Flange ,threaded etc,
Driving method :Electric operating,pneumatic operating or worm gear drive
Lime mud control
kaolin,china-clay control 
Carbonate handling 
Gypsum handling 
Cement production 
Metal slurries 
Catalst regeneration 
Desulphurization units 
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