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Disc Type Tank Bottom Angle Valve
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Disc Type Tank Bottom Angle Valve

Disc Type Tank Bottom Angle Valve(referred to as Tank valve, Angle Bottom valve, Bottom drain valve, Flush mount valve etc) is designed to provide drainage and dead space free shutoff for reactors
Disc Type Tank Bottom Angle Valve(referred to as Tank valve, Angle Bottom valve, Bottom drain valve, Flush mount valve etc) is designed to provide drainage and dead space free shutoff for reactors, vessels, autoclaves and storage tanks. The dead space free shutoff is accomplished by placing the valve seat flush with the bottom of the vessel. This eliminates any buildup of medium within the vessel nozzle itself.
1.This tank bottom angle valve is manufactured in integrated  45 degree Y type structure and 90 degree angle type structure;
2.Both rising disc type (the valve is opened into tank) and lowering disc type (the valve is opened into valve) can be designed;
3.Crust breaking for disc rising type, so anti-scaling function is avaliable.
4.The sealing surface of the valve seat and the valve disc is made of over laying hard alloy. The auxiliary line sealing guarantee the reliability of the sealing performance.
5.Pneumatic operation is used to save labor cost.
Technical Specifications
Size: 2”~14”   DN50~DN350
Pressure:Class 150~Class 600  PN1.0~PN16
Body material :WCB,CF8, CF8M, CF3, CF3M etc
Connection Type:Flange, weld.
Driving method : Manual ,pneumatic
Alumina industry
Steel industry
Mining industry
Pharmaceutical industry
Fine chemical process
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