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Pneumatic Ceramic Rotary Gate Valve
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Pneumatic Ceramic Rotary Gate Valve

The pneumatic ceramic rotary gate valve is a high performance valve developed according to the fault frequently occurred during the operation of the dome valve.
The pneumatic ceramic rotary gate valve is a high performance valve developed according to the fault frequently occurred during the operation of the dome valve. The ceramics are used as the wear-resisting materials. So the valve widely used to replace pneumatic dome valve in power plant .
1.The sealing surface of the valve is made of toughened engineering ceramics with good abrasion resistance and prolonged service life.
2.Product with customized structural length and connection size is available. Pneumatic ceramic rotary gate valve has long working life.
3.The valve plate rotational motion of the valve disc can avoid the ash deposition on the sealing surface.
4.Equipped with knife plate, the pneumatic rotary gate valve can separate the dry ash from the medium.
5.The rotation structure with shorter stroke makes for less abrasion and longer life time of the pneumatic ceramic rotary gate valve .
Technical Specifications
Size :2-12 inch  DN50-DN300 
Pressure:Class 125  PN1.0~PN1.6
Body material :WCB(A105)
Sealing material :Toughened engineering ceramics
Dense phase pneumatic conveying system of power plant.
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