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Slurry Valve

Featuring abrasion resistance,high pressure resistance,erosion resistance and anti-scaling performance,the slurry valve is specially offered for controlling or shutting off the slurry.
Featuring abrasion resistance,high pressure resistance,erosion resistance and anti-scaling performance,the slurry valve is specially offered for controlling or shutting off the slurry.The slurry valves are widely used at alumina,steel ,metallurgy and mining industry.
1.The valve body of y type globe valve for alumina slurry control is consisted of two pieces. The left and right valve bodies are provided in geometric design. Besides the solidworks software for three -dimensional design ,the ANSYS software is also applied for flow field analysis.
2.The valve seat of y type slurry valve is separated from the valve body.The valve seat is installed between the two valve body ,so the valve seat can be replaced easily .
3.To ensure the valve stem has straight line motions ,there is an anti-rotation device provided for the valve  stem of the y type slurry valve .
4.Low pressure drop .
5.The range of product is anti-scaling,which are widely use in alumina process.
Technical Specifications
Size:2”~14” DN50~DN350
Pressure :Class 150~Class 600   PN1.0~PN16
Body material:WCB,  CF8, CF8M, CF3, CF3M etc
Connection type :Flange ,weld 
Driving method:Manual ,Electric,Pneumatic  
Alumina industry 
Polymer Industry
Chemical industry
Steel industry
Nonferrous metal industry
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