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On the base of eccentric semi-ball valve, Top entry segment ball valve  was developed .They are widely used in the water system which including tiny solid particle medium,such as the South-North Water Diversion Project .
1 Full bore design , small pressure loss ;
2.Lower opening torque ,which is less than half of the same size ball valve ;
3.Easy to maintain:It is not required removing from the pipe when valve repair, as long as you open the valve cover .
4. Large size can be designed ,max up to DN2000.
5.With anti- scaling function
Technical specifications
Size :DN100~DN1400
Pressure :PN1.0~PN1.6MPa  
Body material:WCB 
Sealing material:Hard alloy or special treatment by spraying .
Connect method :Flange,weld
Driving method:worm gear ,pneumatic ,electric etc 
Water industry
Municipal Engineering

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