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Technical support

  We not only provide the top quality industrial valves for customers, but also provide technical support for the global customers, assist to solve the technical problem, and provide the maintenance service of Quanshun valve in the product life time. Our aim is to offer valves and service,which not only meet,but also exceed the expectations of our customers.

Common problem of valve and solutions


      Cause analysis  

        Trouble shooting

 The packing leak out.


 1.The packing is beyond the service and has been aged.
 2.Overexertion during operation.
 3.The packing gland bolt is not tightened.


 1.Timely replace the aged and damaged packing, and place circle by circle. The joint is 30~45°.
 2.Uniformly operate with normal force, It’s forbidden to cover or lengthen the arm of force with other methods.
 3. Uniformly tighten the bolt for holding down the packing.

 The sealing surface is leaked.


 1.The install direction of the valve is inconsistent with the medium flow direction.
 2.Fail to close in place.
 3.The valve closed for a long time is scaled on the sealing surface.
 4.The sealing surface is slightly bruised.
 5.The sealing surface is seriously damaged.


 1.Pay attention to the installation inspection.
Readjust the adjusting screw on the actuator, and close tightly in place.
 2. Open the valve with a small seam, so that the high-speed fluid washes away the fouling.
 3. Adjusting the gasket to compensate.
 4. Regrind the sealing surface, and adjust the gasket for compensating.

There is leakage at the flange joint.

 1.The bolt tightening force is not uniform.
 2. The gasket is aged and damaged.
 3. The gasket material is not applicable to the working condition


 1.Re-tighten the bolt uniformly.
 2.Replace the gasket

Select the material and form of the gasket according to the requirement of the working condition.


 The worm and worm-gear drive are stuck.

 1.The dirty was embed to affect the lubrication
 2. The operation is improper.


 1.Remove the fouling, keep clean, and refuel regularly.
 2. If it is stuck and the resistance is very big when operating, it cannot continue to operate, it shall stop immediately and inspect thoroughly.